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haven't been able to make a monthly journal entry again, because a lot of things have been happening.
the weather has been cool and moist, calm sunny days mixed with windy dreary days. Lavenderland is in the midst of burning heat and freezing cold, and surrounded by tornadoes. the past couple days have been rainy and foggy. the moisture is good for the grass and trees. the clouds move one way, then swirl the other. many times we've been hearing the alert for severe weather on the television, the news calling it 'abnormal'.

last month, among other situations, we found out our landlord passed away in April, and their property was being sold to new owners. our landlords were elderly, and it was scary to hear that news(they were the only landlords that my husband and i ever knew before)... the new owners visited to take a look at our house, they seemed impressed. i don't know about the other houses on either side of us, but it looked like they were making the rounds, a different sort of inspection. then we got a letter in the mail saying that the transition between owners had been seamless, and our payees had already been notified of the change, and the new landlord should be stopping by to visit with us...presumably to tell us where the new office is-if there is one-and who to get in touch with for repairs. we've seen him a couple of times since then, he seems very laid back, yet there's a strictness underneath.
the garages in the back behind our neighbor's houses and our own, the new people were cleaning out, and had an impromptu free yard sale-there were all sorts of vintage clothes and appliances and furniture, even a few books that our previous landlords had stored over the years-to speed up the process. quite a few people showed up at first to salvage what they could. the rest that was left over that was still useful, was taken in a truck over to the thrift stores. now we've been hearing the new owners throwing everything else in a big orange dumpster, and cutting all the weeds and mowing the lawn. any day now i'm sure that the new landlord will want to come inside and meet us, so i've been trying to keep the living room, kitchen and bathroom as clean as i can. we need more vacuum bags. and some dish scrubbers. probably some fabric softener sheets soon.

next, i found out my oldest brother is moving away in August. it wasn't like he was helping very much anyways, but even so... he's been busy cleaning up my old house and working hard on repairing cars, i'm assuming. he said he hadn't gone up to visit my father who by the way is out of the hospital and back at the nursing home now. so we need to go see him, me and my husband. to let him know that he isn't forgotten and we love him. however, a bit of good news is my other older brother is moving back in July sometime, so he can help pick up where things'll be left off. and he can help visit my father as well.

as for appointments we've been doing alright. i had a physical assessment at the beginning of this month over at my system's mainstream office. weight and blood pressure are within healthy range for my height, so that's good:D and we talked a bit about what doctors and dentist i go to, and appointments that need to be set up, such as the eye doctor for new glasses, which helps So so much. speaking of dental, i don't have any this month. next month i do though. one of my fillings fell out, i'll have to bring that up next time. and in the meantime, i need to keep the area extra clean and hope that it doesn't start hurting>< i'll need some more floss and fluoride rinse. and we've met with our new case manager a couple of times as well by now. she seems like a good worker, very nice and neutral. we'll both have to be talking to her regarding necessary actions...about a week from now. whereas today in the afternoon we both have an appointment with our psychiatrist for our medications.

the car has been stalling more, i think we need to take it back to the auto shop. to get the oil checked, and i wonder if they can fix the back left indicator light. that's the one that's always going out.
... ... ...
now for art.
kiriban is still in effect-show me the screenshot of 30,000 views, and you will win both the kiriban drawing and one free request of your choice(provided its within reason).
...i am Not doing requests in general...although i'm still asked quite frequently. all of the ones i've promised to the patient watchers are still in progress, though. and to my close friends there is no price. due to circumstances getting even rougher for us, i've decided to start doing commissions. this is the first time i've ever made such a venture here on deviantart. something that you are willing to pay money for...and i suppose i'm willing to accept points as well.


Shylous Lavender
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: in Lavenderland
Favourite genre of music: heavy metal, classic rock, gothic
Favourite style of art: traditional, anime, watercolor
Favourite cartoon character: Duo Maxwell, Max Sterling, Unico

Commission Prices

$5 dollars for the pencil sketch

$10 dollars for the sketch inked

$20 dollars for the completed commission

500 points for the pencil WIP

1,000 points for the inked WIP

1,500 points for the completed work
... ... ...
these are starting prices. i may be willing to negotiate with you for less depending on the situation, or charge more depending on what the content of your commission is.

okay, how do you like your caffeine? 

17 deviants said soda!
16 deviants said coffee!
7 deviants said tea!
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kind of like your Erza and Lucy picture, I know that, at the moment you're not taking requests and you have all the rights to refuse to do my request, but please take note of it.

thank you for reading this request! :)
shylavender Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hmm. you've picked a bad time for me.
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not at the moment.
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