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  • Mood: Bitter
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i heard thunder overhead a few minutes ago. when i went out to see, rain was falling upon the ground. the sky was blue off to the east...and the sun hung low in the west, a perfect shining yellow disk. i did not see lightning(perhaps it was still too bright and early in the evening)but Surely it was there, ozone and sounds of majestic anger banging jumping through the clouds and plummeting somewhere down to earth. we stood outside for a while listening and feeling the cool teary release of the heavens and commenting on the odd phenomena. then decided to have a clove. the sweet smell of vanilla and spice mixes with the clean mineral rain scent, the occasional little spark a comforting touch of whimsy. its been a while since we've been able to afford cloves... that's not the only thing that's gone downhill this month-sigh-the cloves are just a small indulgence in the midst of a rock and a hard place.
... a few moments later i went to finish it outside. for a moment there was a piece of rainbow in the clouds, quick promise, then gone, transient as the sunlight shone on the rain sifting down from far away. then it was gone. rapidly cooling down now, a lovely yet suspicious swirling in the cream clouds off to the west...

so many unfortunate things have been happening. i can barely wrap around it, organize it in my head. disaster upon disaster... the air thick with sweat and heat and madness. and the nights barely any better-the winds hot and harsh, sirens wail, sometimes in the distance, sometimes very close. and the beautiful stars wheel overhead, not uncaring but it is not their problems churning beneath, is it? until the day they come crashing down, breaking through our atmosphere, breaking through our planet and opening the abyss... until that day humanity waits.

perhaps it might be the exceptional heat and chaos, but the bugs seem to be increasing. the flies in particular. with their little bodies they spread such disease@_@ but perhaps it might be that they only want water and moisture too. it makes it very hard to clean...the garbage that builds up blossoms even faster with decay in this weather. and the insects gain strength in numbers.
i got my SNAP papers the other day. have a telephone interview scheduled for September 11. hopefully our new caseworker is willing to help me do the paperwork. it looks a little different this time. thankfully they worked out why my grocery check was not arriving-when they switched over to a new computer system that was one of the details that got overlooked in the transfer. i will be getting them from now on. which is a little bit of a relief.

my other brother came back at the end of last month just like was said. it seems his presence has jolted my other older brother into action again. so NOW he's willing to work with me and my car. probably not to look bad. but i really wish he hadn't started caring all of a sudden, what he charged my payee to fix a few minor problems ended up backing everything up. because the following week the car broke down utterly. at first we thought that it was the battery. so we managed to tow it to the auto shop rather than my brother's. and they were the ones to find out what was REALLY wrong. not the battery. no, its the entire engine, the engine is almost blown. it will take from $22,000 upwards to fix it. Which is more that what the car itself is worth. Which is more than i have in my account. more than my husband has, too. our payees are in the midst of working things out. although, in my payee's words, 'i'm going to try, but just keep in mind i can't promise you the moon'. so now its just sitting in front of the auto shop. my husband's aunt and uncle live right next door, so they'll make sure its not broken into or anything. the hell of it is, i've already paid my insurance And got new tags for it-_-' and now its dead:dead:
i don't know what i'm going to do. neither of us know the first thing about getting a new car. my mother had everything worked out for me Provided my brother would help me with its upkeep and i did a few simple things here and there on my own. although i'll admit, i didn't listen to her half as much as i should have. so many drops of her wisdom i could have collected and saved in the clear bottle of my memory, instead i let it drip wasted, into the parched nothingness of willful ignorance. until the spout ran dry. and now my everything falls to rust and dust and neglect.
and on top of that, there's ordinary bills, basic needs still to be taken care of. not to mention accidents and unforeseen circumstances and expenses. the car was and is a Big One. and what about medical emergencies, supplies and such? if my money was already being stretched thin, it is now past that point. i've tried to figure out how this payment system works here on Deviantart, but the whole PayPal thing is too difficult for me to comprehend. my friend helped me by finding some user tips, but from what i could see, the delay of about 2 weeks or so is too long anyways to benefit me at this moment. embarrassing as it is, i would have to be walked through the process in order to get it underway. there is no one i know that could do it for me. so this whole endeavor to start selling my art might have been an ambitious idea, but just a dream. i'm very lucky just to have a Premium membership, lucky just to be able to show my art...
on a somewhat lighter note><'
only a 1,000 or less to go until my kiriban, have you been watching? paying attention? if you show me a screenshot of my page at 30,000 views, you get the fully colored kiriban dedicated to you, plus one request, a drawing of your choosing, provided it is within dA standards of course. i wonder who it will be that will win.
the sun is set, now i've only heard thunder off in the distance. both the rain and the night have cooled things down, as i hoped. but i think i hear our neighbors outside. our neighbors that Aren't really supposed to be here. our neighbors that our landlord evicted already. what they are doing, technically, is squatting. they've had their power turned off and their water turned off. they continue to stay. and now they've started to ask to charge their phones at our outlets and borrow our water. at first we both thought it was only going to be a few gallons(our landlord seems to have turned the old garages into a body shop, and the workers were often using our spigot in the house's alcove for water. which is understandable) but they kept taking buckets and big Tupperware storage tubs and liter soda bottles, at least ten or twelve. and the woman said she wasn't going to leave that house, even though the landlord apparently offered her 300 dollars just to leave. she seemed to be amused by that fact. and to make it worse, even after we said that's enough and put the recycling bin in front of the spigot and went inside, we heard the tap outside turn on and off. the pipes are old and echo inside our house, so it was obvious. we made it known we were displeased. but this other younger guy was like, 'oh you guys pay for your water?' what kind of a question is that to ask?
YES we answered. is it that unfathomable? already the water bill was high, the landlord asked about our water bills once, my husband and i. it is split between us. it must have been for the coming weather, as it was in late June or early July when he asked, i believe. we thought it was an odd, though not unreasonable query. he would have to ask our payees. it doesn't help that there's a drought going on. we can't be expected to provide water to people that insist on staying next door in spite of eviction. that isn't fair.


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