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  • Mood: Alienated
  • Listening to: "Majestic" by Wax Fang
  • Reading: Bleach vol. 25
  • Watching: television
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Tactics
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  • Drinking: green tea with honey

September's entry... again this year, snow fell before summer was over. called 'summer snow', on television i saw flowers in the sunshine frosted over, and just a couple days ago, big soft flakes were drifting down in the dim morning quiet as my husband's younger siblings prepared themselves for school. the leaves and grass haven't even started changing yet. well, it makes sense if there's another polar vortex coming with my Lavenderland right in its path. and there's a 'superdrought' going on in the southwest US... tornadoes, hurricanes, more and more earthquakes and landslides and sinkholes, huge openings in the earth at Siberia and along coastlines... and now volcanoes erupting in different parts of the globe. if the one at Yellowstone erupts, we'd be very close to the epicenter. i recall another volcano erupting when i was younger, there was ash in the rain for a while. it might have been Mount Etna. Ebola outbreaks and children's respiratory disease sweep across the land. out in space, asteroids narrowly whiz by, massive solar storms in the making putting delicate telecommunication grids at risk above the Earth, and among us, the computers cell phones advanced video game and medical equipment are laid bare against the glancing blow of cosmic radiation.

so our payees made the decision-my car was dead, better to scrap it and salvage it. at the Very end, my older brother was there, he had the title anyway, so i would have had to contact him no matter what. i had wanted to avoid asking him for help, and there was a mild fiasco involving just why the car had given out. turns out he just wanted to make extra sure it wasn't any of HIS work on the car that made it die...just ours for using it too hard. so now i am carless. without vehicular conveyance. right before the weather turned, my husband and i were beginning to walk to cash my checks. cool chill out in the mornings, but as the sun rose higher there was blue sky with feathery clouds and warm gilded light upon us as we walked, wild flowers and weeds lining the cracks of the sidewalks, winding green around trash and debris. my legs are no longer strong, so the exercise was probably needed, although my nerves and muscles screamed in protest through the night. my payee issued me a check for a bus pass, which i will be using from now on. i wonder if i have to cancel the registration and insurance...or maybe my brother took care of it. i don't know. i don't know anything anymore0_o

the bathroom sink was leaking. my husband's father spent a couple of days looking for the right part to fix it. our previous landlord had put in a ring that was too small, i think. then we found out the whole reason there's a thin wooden stick propping up the sink, so there's not extra stress on the pipe cause the O ring was just barely sitting there. its fixed now though, thanks to my husband's father:) this whole house is put together so strange, the walls not quite geometrically straight, the outlets and door handles and locks installed backwards or upside down. there's a hinge on the right kitchen cabinet door that came loose, so we've been having to be extra careful with it, since the only thing connecting it to the cabinet is the lower hinge, and that's going to go soon.
some other things that we thought were broken-my headphones, and the computer mouse-would be just more things to replace, spending money on new things that could be used elsewhere...but the mouse is seeming to do a little better, and i found a way around my headphones, but its only a temporary fix, i will have to get a new pair. the only thing now is my CD player acting funny.

our caseworker bailed on us-i mean, transferred, back to where her family was, so now we have another new one to get to know. this isn't good for me, because this latest one was supposed to help me with my SNAP paperwork, and i wasn't even notified of her leaving. i heard of this like a day before EBT day, and then the interview came about the next day, but my paperwork wasn't in. i explained my situation, and they said, 'okay, well get the paperwork in as soon as you can'. we were meant to meet with our new case worker on Friday(his name is Jeremy), but it wasn't a good time for us, we are trying to help my husband's family and the car dying and our schedule flipping around. i called the woman's number and asked if we could reschedule...but i didn't hear back from her. either way, i will probably end up going over to the mainstream office on Monday, my husband and i have appointments with our psychiatrist on that day, for our meds. *sigh* so very confusing.

been drinking green tea lately, something that i've wanted to do for a while. i hear that it works for inflammation, and the antioxidants are good too, of course. at first i got a box that was green tea with pomegranate(especially good for inflammation of the joints)and we went through that pretty quick. so next i got a big box of plain green tea and a big bottle of honey(naturally sweet, and soothing to the throat). this might be healthier for us in the long run than coffee. even though i love coffee:p

at least the squatters next door have quit bugging us. it looks like they're asking other people down the street for water and whatnot instead. i guess that woman is going to court against our new landlord. or perhaps that already happened. a while back in the spring they switched our dumpsters around. we've been around the longest on this side of the block, in the middle of two other houses with transient occupants we've watched come and go, experienced the numerous dings and dents and cracks of wear throughout the years-of course we would know our own dumpster. besides, we didn't use those particular kind of trash bags we saw sticking out of 'our' dumpster. so we switched them back around. and they watched us do it and didn't say anything.
... kiriban is even closer, now. who will come close? who will win? set at 10,000 increments instead of 1,000 is much easier to manage. what should the next kiriban picture be? more than likely Sailor Moon oriented, unless you have a different idea. i would consider it, if you do.


Shylous Lavender
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Commission Prices

$5 dollars for the pencil sketch

$10 dollars for the sketch inked

$20 dollars for the completed commission

500 points for the pencil WIP

1,000 points for the inked WIP

1,500 points for the completed work
... ... ...
these are starting prices. i may be willing to negotiate with you for less depending on the situation, or charge more depending on what the content of your commission is.

okay, how do you like your caffeine? 

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